Shopper Marketing Academy

Knowledge and application of shopper marketing tools and techniques is becoming ever more important in a world in which it is harder and more expensive to reach consumers. While the true cost of advertising has increased eleven-fold since the 1960s, digital trends are making media more personal, giving more control to consumers. And although more marketing funds are pouring into stores, 70% of promotions lose money; the consumer goods industry could almost double its profits by investing effectively in-store.
By joining our Shopper Marketing Academy program, participants will learn to:

  • Understand how shopper marketing works: Discover how different activities change shopper behavior.
  • Build effective shopper activities: Create profitable activities that achieve strategic and tactical objectives – both outside and inside the store.
  • Create clear plans: Define channel activity plans, budgets and forecasts.
  • Drive long-term profitable growth: Define channel priorities and set trade investment strategies.

“What was taught was very practical. The speaker was superb.”


“The workshop helped me to understand the in-store marketing mix concept and know how to determine the in-store standards.”

Kraft Foods

Customer Management Academy

Retail consolidation is making it increasingly challenging for consumer goods companies to negotiate effective trading terms with their retail customers. Around 31% of consumer goods firms report that price pressure from retailers remains their greatest sales issue1. Consumer goods companies need to master the art and science of customer management; they need to know a retailer’s objectives, business operations and profitability structure in order to manage their relationships better and deliver improvements in trade spend efficiency.
1Deloittes Global retail report/Wal-Mart annual reports/press reports/& and I holdign sreports/Trade Insight Trade global spend survey 2010
By joining our Customer Management Academy Program, participants will learn to:

  • Create customer insight: Diagnose customers’ corporate strategies.
  • Gain better results, achieve better deals: Persuade customers using compelling, shopper-based selling stories and thus negotiate profitably.
  • Identify drivers of increased company margins: Enhance the trade terms frameworks.
  • Lead long-term customer development: Define customers’ priorities and strategies.

“The workshop advised us on how to create more value to our company and understand customers’ KPIs and goals.”


“I learned that customer management is fundamental to develop key account management and could be applied to the job efficiently.”


Field Sales Academy

Small retailers remain a crucial channel that presents profitable growth opportunities for consumer goods companies. They offer shoppers convenience but are often overlooked because manufacturers focus on bigger customers. In Asia and the Pacific, the number of traditional grocery stores actually increased by 1 million between 2000 and 2010.

By joining our Field Sales Academy Program, participants will learn to:

  • Better understand distributors: Understand each distributor’s business drivers and objectives.
  • Deliver excellent execution: Develop distributors’ personnel to execute professionally.
  • Build effective partnerships: Seek out and develop the best distributors to drive route-to-market profitability.
  • Lead long-term sales development: Understand channel priorities and strategies to improve sales and profitability.

“I learned the criteria for choosing the channel that helps the company to sell more and pay less.”

C.P. Merchandising

“The topic on increasing coverage related very much to my job.”

C.P. Merchandising