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Our Team

The engage team has a world-class pedigree in marketing, trade marketing and sales.

A new concept in consumer goods marketing

The world in which consumer goods companies operate has changed. To be successful in this world, consumer goods companies need a complete marketing solution – one that recognizes the needs of consumers, shoppers and retail customers and one that knits consumer marketing, shopper marketing and customer marketing all into one seamless strategy. We have created a unique approach that does just this. We call it Total Marketing.

Total Marketing identifies new growth opportunities as well as advantages for making marketing investments even more effective and efficient. This approach creates new and improved ways of working for marketing and sales teams, encouraging ownership and collaboration. As growth becomes harder to come by and profits are continually pressured, Total Marketing delivers better results and competitive advantage.

engage, the experts in shopper marketing and customer management have developed a unique way to integrate consumer marketing, shopper marketing and customer management to create a Total Marketing solution for your business. If you want to know more about Total Marketing or need to take action to make yourself, your team or your company more effective, we can help.